Board Members

Honorary President: Her Honour Mrs. Patsy LeBlanc

Executive Board 2017 – 2018
President: Colleen MacNeil
1st Vice President: Margaretta Brown
Treasurer: Margaret Caley
Recording Secretary: Barbara Fris
Past President: Cathy Ross
Archives: Cathy Ross
Corresponding Secretary: Mary Eden Bassett
Book Committee: Shirley Beckman and Margaret Swift
Book Sale Committee: Shirley Dean and Margaret Swift
Social Committee: Rita Lajeunesse and Judie Allan
Membership and Telephone: Alex Pincock
Program: Riet Vink
Newsletter: Shirley Dean and Margaret Swift
NS Youth Orchestra Representative: Barbara Webber
Symphony Nova Scotia Representative: Cate Weis
Publicity: Mary Wilcox
Web and Face Book Pages: Margaret Swift


Past Presidents:
1952-54   Agnes MacDonald
1954-56   Margaret Gosse
1956-59   Jean MacDonald
1959-60   Evelyn Longard
1960-61   Evelyn Longard (1/2 year)
Ruby Jacobson (1/2 year)
1961-64   Ruby Jacobson
1964-66   Mary B. Murray
1966-69   Audrie Vincent
1969-72   Evelyn Longard
1972-74   Florence Child
1974-76   Helen Rafuse
1976-78   Helen Lovett
1978-80   Mary Arneaud
1980-82   Hilda MacDonald
1982-84   Shirley Sawyer
1984-86   Norma MacDonald
1986-88   Kay MacDonald
1988-90   Anne-Marie MacDonald
1990-92   Shirley Filbee
1992-94   Jeannine Baikie
1994-96   Bee Huxtable
1996-98   Cynthia Hunt
1998-00   Shirley Whiston
2000-02   Anne Yanofsky
2002-03   Patricia Frazer
2003-05   Jean Hartley
2005-07   Alice Macintosh
2007-09   Sylvia MacNeil
2009-11   Joan Cunningham
2011-13   Barbara Webber
2013-15   Shirley Dean
2015-17   Cathy Ross